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Our mission at Thunder Bay Martial Arts is to facilitate the perfecting of mind, body and spirit of each adult, parent, and especially school-aged child participant, to the fullest extent possible, by offering opportunities to engage in, and enjoy the benefits of, Martial Arts Training. Such benefits include enhancing the student's abilities to focus and concentrate, set and achieve goals, develop respect, self-control, confidence, and persistence; as well as the obvious physical benefits of increased strength, speed, balance, and coordination. Our goal is for the student to learn that learning can be fun; that hard work brings honest solid rewards, and that effort will be noticed and valued. We will make each student, smarter, stronger, in mind and body, and safer in an unsure world than they were before they walked into our dojo.

Learn More About Thunder Bay Martial Arts' Sessions:

Tang Soo Do Karate

  • Ages 6-Adult
  • Tuesday at 6:00pm


  • Ages 10-adult
  • Tuesday at 7:00pm, Thursday at 6:00pm,
  • Saturday at 10:00am

Little Dragon Pre-schoolers

  • Ages – preschool
  • Wednesday at 6:00pm

Our sessions are open for the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Call Thunder Bay Martial Arts at 989-595-3399 to sign up for a class or lesson!

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Thunder Bay Martial Arts 4131 US 23 North Alpena, MI
Thunder Bay Martial Arts

4131 US 23 North
Alpena, MI

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